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University Of Sociology / March 31, 2018

Sociology is the study of the human experience in all its richness and complexity. Personal interactions and relationships; individual behavior; and the characteristics of groups are among the many topics that sociologists examine.

The sociology major at Morris covers the vast range of human life, from the micro level of the individual to the macro level of organizations and institutions.

Some of the most exciting aspects of sociology are its scope and interdisciplinary emphasis. In looking at humanity, sociologists use psychology, economics, anthropology, and history, and can employ both scientific and cultural methods.

At Morris, the Sociology Discipline is distinctive for its range, diversity and rigorous scientific approach. Some of the principle benefits students enjoy are:

  • A personal focus. The faculty emphasizes one-on-one work in classes and on projects and research, so they get to know students well.
  • A powerful foundation in theory and methodology that provides the basis for success in research and graduate work, as well as careers.
  • A curriculum that covers the wide variety of topics in sociology, including gender, multiculturalism, environmental issues, sexuality, aging, race, ethnicity, systems of oppression, stratification, social changes, social justice, class, law, human rights, and more.
  • A high level of diversity in the Discipline and its outlook. Open-minded, respectful dialogue and analysis from multiple points of view are fully encouraged.

Sociology is an extremely useful and versatile major, as knowledge of human interactions and scientific expertise are a forceful combination. With many recent innovations in business, management, and industry investigating how personality and behavior impact effectiveness and efficiency, sociologists have an immediate advantage applicable to many fields, from human services to law and beyond.