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University Of Sociology / July 12, 2017

The Department of Sociology and Rural Studies is a doorway to a number of exciting opportunities for both undergraduate students and graduate students. Both graduate and undergraduate students can participate in a number of out-of-class activities such as clubs, associations and events.

Undergraduate students may choose from several specialized programs or choose a general degree in Sociology. Our students develop the skills sought by social service, human services, and criminal justice agencies as well as private, government and nonprofit employers.

Human Services

  • Students with an emphasis in find jobs working with the elderly, youth, families at risk, victims of domestic violence, substance abusers, and the poor.

Criminal Justice

  • Those with a minor in find positions in law enforcement, corrections, juvenile justice, child protection, and court services.

Human Resources

  • Graduates who go into work in employee recruitment, personnel management, customer relations, marketing, and sales. Students taking a general major in Sociology find positions in all the above mentioned sectors along with jobs that emphasize data analysis and other forms of research. Students may also link their Sociology major to teacher education.

Graduate Programs

  • The Department of Sociology and Rural Studies offers several programs including an on-site master’s degree which offers students the opportunity to concentrate on one of three specializations: demography; social deviance; or social organization. Each specialty is dynamic and offers exciting opportunity.

Online Degrees

The department also administers the, which provides businesses, organizations, news media, and local and county agencies with the latest census and rural life information. Dr. Weiwei Zhang is the Director of the Census Data Center.