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University Of Sociology / November 4, 2018

Department of Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology
515 General Services Building
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2H1

General Information

The Department of Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology offers programs leading to the Master of Agriculture, Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Agricultural and Resource Economics, Forest Economics, and Rural Sociology. A joint program leading to dual degrees of Master of Business Administration and Master of Agriculture is also offered. Areas of emphasis in graduate programs include: the economics of agricultural markets and price behavior; production economics and agricultural business management; economics of agricultural and rural development; economics of policy intervention; environmental and natural resource economics, forest economics, rural sociology, environmental and resource sociology, resource policy analysis, and agroforestry.

Entrance Requirements

The Department's minimum admission requirements for each master's program are an undergraduate degree with an average of 3.0 in the last two years of undergraduate work (or graduate work) at the University of Alberta, or an equivalent qualification from a recognized institution, and a TOEFL score of 550 (paper-based) or 88 (Internet-based) where applicable (see English Language Requirement ). Admission requirements for the doctoral program are an approved master's degree with an average of at least 3.3 or equivalent or an approved bachelor's degree with an average of at least 3.7 or equivalent, and a TOEFL score of 550 (paper-based) or 88 (Internet-based) where applicable (see English Language Requirement ).

Financial Assistance

Information about details of program requirements and the availability of financial assistance may be obtained from the Department.

Graduate Courses

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