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University Of Sociology / March 2, 2017

Where next?

Career prospects

Where next?

The NHS, local education authorities, counselling and voluntary organisations and charities are just some examples of organisations that would typically employ sociology graduates.

Careers in social research, counselling, community development, careers advice, teaching, probation and charity work are possible options for you after this course. However, many of these areas will require you to undergo further training after your first degree.

Roles our graduates have taken on include:

  • social researcher
  • market researcher
  • lecturer
  • investigative analyst
  • detention custody officer
  • careers advisor

Work experience

Employment boosting opportunities

This course allows you to take the Learning From Experience (LiFE) option, which means you can earn credits towards your degree for work, volunteer and research placements that you’re involved in alongside your study.

The School of Social Historical and Literary Studies can offer you a number of work experience opportunities in a range of local organizations during your degree course. Currently these include projects at the National Museum of the Royal Navy and the New Theatre Royal, with local government departments and political groups, and a number of our students have worked on small research projects for the local community.

Career planning

To make sure you take the right steps on your career path, we’re here to give you help, support and advice throughout your study. Even after you’ve graduated, we continue to give you support for up to five years.

Employers tell us that they want graduates to be able to demonstrate certain skills when they come out of university. Our courses take account of this. We make sure we prepare you for employment through work-related learning, projects, placements and working in simulated environments that are designed to prepare you for the working world.

Employment boosting opportunities Jordan Kennedy, BSc (Hons) Sociology student

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