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Studying sociology at university

University Of Sociology / April 27, 2020

Sociology at Nottingham Trent University

1. Sociology will give you a better understanding of mankind

As a greek Poet once said "many are the Wondrous things, and nought more wondrous than man". Sociology's prime benefit is gaining a greater understanding of the complex and confusing yet charmingly simple nature of mankind, and the societies in which we organise ourselves. By studying societal behaviour we can make comparisons, attempt to solve issues and gain a rational undertstanding of some of society's more frustrating habits. This could also make you more employable, due to the fact that the UK employs a broad demographic in their work force, and therefore having a more comprehensive awareness of those cultures must be a good thing. If the idea of delving into human behaviour and analysing our societal dogma has excited that curious mind of yours, then perhaps a Sociology degree is the one for you.

2. Sociology students report high levels of Student Satisfaction

Perhaps it is this enigmatic character which leads students to enjoy the subject so much. Whatever the reason, the fact remains that Student Satisfaction is notably high among UK universities. Check out our Subject League Table for Sociology 2016. This means that a degree in Sociology is generally seen as rewarding and stimulating by students, very important factors we're sure you'll agree. Sociology is therefore a course which requires students to put the effort in, and subsequently get a high return through teaching, assessment and knowledge.

3. Broad skillset

The skills developed during a Sociology degree are applicable to many areas of work. Improved critical faculties allow students to make rational and measured decisions in the interest of fairness, whereas a synthesis of group and independent projects provide students with skills of team work, self dependence and autonomy. Furthermore, Sociology occasionally offers the chance of studying abroad, instilling skills of multi-culturalism in students. Check out Sociology courses with time abroad here.

4. International Cohort

As you can see on our What do International Students study? page, Social Studies comes 3rd in the most popular subject areas for students from foreign countries. This implies several things: one implication is that the course is very inclusive, which we can suppose is appropriate for a subject which is based on studying different human societies. Another implication of an international cohort is the chance to learn about other cultures on a very personal basis. Of all the subjects to attract a broad demographic of cultures, Sociology will certainly reap the rewards.